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Surf for Happiness (SfH) is a not for profit project with a vision to help children and youths in disadvantaged coastal communities in developing countries and island-states. SfH collects new and used surf and rescue equipment, accessories and apparel donated by individuals, clubs, businesses, and sends them to the Surfing Association of the destination country. In turn, the local Surfing Association is responsible for the distribution of surfboards and equipment to surf clubs nationwide, provides the necessary coaching , as well as water safety support.


Through the sport of surfing, SfH aims to provide an outlet for youths to channel their energy into a positive, uplifting and happy experience away from drug abuse, alcoholism, violence and idleness. A single surfboard can change a child's life, steer them away from trouble and into the water where they can experience the elation of surfing and enjoy a better quality of life.


A quote from Andrew Abel, the President of the Surfing Association in Papua New Guinea sums up the essence of Surf for Happiness:

"through your kind help, we'll see that every kid in the village communities (…) will each have a surfboard which will raise the profile of the sport and in turn give the families and kids an equal opportunity to not only surf but embrace the spirit of surfing and all the good things that come with the sport, which will in the long run keep our kids focused on better living, away from drugs and alcohol and in tune with protecting our fragile environment."